Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

5 Social Media Tools

  • Facebook – A social network where users create profiles about themselves, create and organize events, and connect and socialize with other people.
  • Twitter – A social network where users can post short messages to update each other more efficiently, as well as “follow” other users who do the same.
  • LinkedIn – It’s similar to Facebook with a lot of the same features, but it is targeted to professionals and businesses. Users post about their past and current professional experience, and it’s more like a resume on their profile rather than personal profile. Companies also used LinkedIn to search for potential new hires.
  • Youtube – A video website where users can upload and share videos with each other, as well as comment on videos that other users upload and share.
  • Blogging ex; WordPress – Allows people to create short or long articles to inform others on specific topics or ideas.

“Social Networking” Using social media tools

Professionals use social networking by connecting to others they have worked with before in order to highlight their previous or current experience in their field. They can promote themselves by posting a profile about themselves on FaceBook, what they like, what they are doing, perhaps promote an event and get their name out there. They can also share links that are connected to them, and liking them to get it popular and more noticeable. Another way of promoting themselves is selling themselves on LinkedIn, in which case they can create their own profile resume that lists their skills, attributes, and qualities, and what they have to offer to those out there. Networking with past and present coworkers allows people to not be forgotten about, so that if any opportunities arise, they might have a connection to them.

This is the way of how professionals make a brand of themselves, by promoting themselves on vast networking sites, and getting noticed by their peers. They can also showcase their skills and experience, as well as what they can offer to employers. Social media is being used other ways by businesses; they advertise their company and their people by uploading videos about themselves on Youtube. Another way companies use social media is by creating a profile that features their company on LinkedIn or Facebook, so everyone has access to post about what they want on their page. Businesses also use job posting websites like, which they can post job applications and recruit who ever best fits the requirements for a job. Job recruiters are also using social media tools to find potential job candidates, they use websites as mentioned before to find potential candidates.

Recruiting using social media is one of the fastest, most wide-reaching, and most effective methods of finding prospective employees for vacant job positions. Social media is the most reliable tool anyone can use these days to get what they’re looking for, from advertisement to self-promotion. Social media connects all of us, and it can also bring us together, it’s also a tool that let’s others know who we care, and what we have.
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